Toyah Willcox to visit the region ahead of starring in film about Darlington man’s life

TOYAH Willcox is preparing to play the mother of a North-East football fan in a movie about his life. 

The popular musician and actor will visit the region next month to attend a showcase event hosted by the team behind Give Them Wings, an upcoming feature film about Darlington man Paul Hodgson.

Ms Willcox is the latest cast member announced for the project, which tells the story of Mr Hodgson’s battle with childhood meningitis, which left him unable to move or speak.

She will join a team including award-winning director Sean Cronin and Holby City actor Bill Fellows in bringing the PIMM Productions venture to the big screen.

Known as Flipper to his fellow football supporters, Mr Hodgson and his filmmaking colleagues have battled for years to attract enough funding to make the project a success.

The showcase event is being staged in a bid to keep supporters – who have helped to raise more than £50,000 – up to date with the progress of the film while giving the public an opportunity to enjoy a sneak preview of how it could look.

Hosted by PIMM Productions and the Darlington Film Club, it will see Ms Willcox join in a Q&A session following a screening of the trailer for Give Them Wings. 

To be held at The Forum in Darlington, the event will also feature a showing of PIMM’s short film, An Unfortunate Woman, which won the best narrative short film award at 2014’s Mosaic World Film Festival.

Mr Hodgson said he was thrilled to have Toyah Willcox – who has also starred in Quadrophenia and Jubilee – involved with PIMM’s labour of love.

She joined the project after being passed the script by the film’s director, and Mission Impossible actor, Sean Cronin.

Mr Hodgson said: “Sean worked with her and gave her the script, which she said she loved and now she has agreed to be in it.

“Managing to get Toyah Willcox is huge for us and to get her to come to our showcase event goes to show the faith she has invested in our project, we’re really excited.

“We hope that the event will show people how far we have come with this project, we’re really pleased at how it is all coming together.”

James Watson, who runs the Darlington Film Club, said he was thrilled and very proud to be part of the event, which is taking place on Monday, March 26 from 7pm.

Mr Watson added: “When the film club first moved to The Forum, the first showing we had was of Quadrophenia and I couldn’t manage to get Toyah Willcox to come then so personally, it’s amazing to know she will be joining us.

“She means different things to different people, whether you like her for her music or for her acting work. 

“To have her come up to Darlington to do this is a bit of a coup for us and it’s great to do something showcasing the work of a local film company.

“It’s good for them, good for us and good to show how the community can work together.”

Tickets for the event are £8. To book, or for more information, visit

PIMM Productions are raising money to fund Give Them Wings in a variety of ways, including through grants, fundraising and the selling of shares.

To find out how to support the project or for more information about it, visit PIMM Productions on Facebook.

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