Paul Hodgson

 Co-producer & Co-Writer

 Paul’s first venture into writing came in the late 1990s when he started working with Mike Jarvie on his first work which was ‘Flipper’s Side’. Published by Scarsdale Books in 2000, this has now sold out – but has been seen on Amazon with a price of £999.95! His second work was ‘When Push Comes To Shove’, which was a diary style book relating to two seasons of following Darlington Football Club. This book was published by G W Belton Ltd in 2003. Paul and Mike completed their third book, ‘Give Them Wings’ which is a re-write of ‘Flipper’s Side’ in 2016. Margaret Collins, Paul and Ian Carter, have also written the script for ‘An Unfortunate Woman’, and both the trailer script and the feature script for Give Them Wings’, an adaptation of ‘Flipper’s Side’.

Current Films

  • Producing ‘Give Them Wings’ feature with PIMM Productions Ltd.Producing ‘The Kathleen Mumford Story’ with PIMM Productions Ltd.
  • Producing/Writing ‘Give Them Wings 2’ with PIMM Productions Ltd.
  • Writing ‘The Hill’
  • Other Films
  • Produced/wrote GTW Concept trailer – 2011
  • Produced/wrote ‘An Unfortunate Woman’ with PIMM Productions Ltd – 2013


  • Winner of ‘Best Narrative Short Film’ at The Mosaic World Film Festival. (An Unfortunate Woman) – 2014.
  • Runner up ‘Short Drama’ Deep Fried Film Festival 2014. (An Unfortunate Woman) – 2014.