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This is an exciting time for PIMM Productions. We’ve secured some big names for the film and potentially this could reach the bight lights of Hollywood. We are now looking for individuals, businesses or even consortiums to purchase shares in Give Them Wings and this is a golden opportunity for you. An investment means:

  • We’ll be able to produce the film on time, on budget and with an incredible cast
  • You can claim 30% tax relief (see EIS page)
  • You investment now could increase IF the film is successful enough to be c
  • Your company name listed on the film’s credits

Please contact us on email via for further information.

PLEASE NOTE: A further form will need to be completed for HMRC (the EIS 1). To save you time, we will fill the majority of the EIS 1 form in for you leaving just a couple of things for you to add including your National Insurance Number that HMRC will need in order to complete your application and your signature.

Download the Investor’s Brochure